the electronic orientation and information system for the visually impaired persons

The system TYFLOSET® creates the set of the stationary, mobile and portable facilities, which serve for the audio information and easier orientation of the visually impaired persons in the municipal build-up area in the municipal, suburban and railway transportation, on the crossings, in the subways, underground, in the vicinity of the offices and of the hospitals.


The system TYFLOSET® is designed as the unified system for all kinds of the audio information and orientation on the territory of the Czech Republic. The visually impaired person operates the command transmitter (detached plastic box with six buttons – VPN 01 or the transmitter with three-push-buttons built-in to the blind stick – VPN 03), by which all the audio information and orientation appliances of the system TYFLOSET® are activated. The visually impaired person by means of two types of the command transmitters self enters into the process of the information and of the decision making. He / she requires e.g.: at the stop of the MPT (Municipal Public Transportation) the acoustic message about the line number and the travel direction of the incoming vehicle. – If the visually impaired person decides to enter upon into the vehicle of the MPT, he / she confirms his / her intention to the driver by the button of his / her command transmitter. Analogically the visually impaired person operates further appliances of the system TYFLOSET® like e.g. the sound orientation beacon on the buildings, in the subways, near the light crossings and alike. By the introduction of the electronic visual information systems for the passengers in the form of the large display panels the system TYFLOSET® allows the same, but audio information also to the visually impaired persons. The system TYFLOSET® offers then to the visually impaired and weak-eyed persons major mobility and independency.


The selection from the significant installations of the system TYFLOSET® to the 10/2008.

  • Transportation Enterprise of the Capital Prague 3.726 Pcs
  • Karosa, a.s. Vysoké Mýto (producer of buses) 1.123 Pcs
  • ELVOS, s.r.o. Brno 719 Pcs
  • Transportation Enterprise of the town Dresden 218 Pcs
  • Transportation Enterprise of the town České Budějovice 143 Pcs
  • Transportation Enterprise of the town Ústí nad Labem 136 Pcs
  • ČKD Traction, a.s. Prague (producer of trams) 130 Pcs
  • BUSE Blansko 302 Pcs
  • Transportation Enterprise of the town Olomouc 27 Pcs
  • Transportation Enterprise of the town Česká Lípa 15 Pcs
  • International airport Prague-Ruzyně 11 Pcs
  • Czech Post 400 Pcs
  • Czech and Slovakia job centre 441 Pcs
  • The other customers 1.003 Pcs


  • 1996 REHAPROTEX Brno – the award GOLDEN REHAPROTEX
  • 1999 Building fair ABF BRNO – the gold medal
  • 2003 The special price of the Ministers of Transportation of the EC (European Community)
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